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The Hortitsia is manufactured in the Ukraine. The rifle is a PCP which is great for all types of shooters. The calibre of the rifle is 4.5mm (.177) and has an option of two different barrels which are made from expertly rifled steel. This rifle is pre-charge pneumatic that enables the gun to fire efficiently and silently and is easily filled up from any dive bottle or pump. The air reservoir can be easily unscrewed and removed, and is available in two different sizes depending on your shot count or weight preferences. The sporter shape of the gun enables the Hortitisa to be shot with ease by people of any size whilst the straight pull bolt action will cycle through the rifles 12 round magazine with ease.

For more information about this product please contact us on tel: 01623 861308 / 07749 993 196 or by email.


01623 861308/07749 993 196

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