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Weihrauch HW100K
In Stock    £790

Condition : New

Carbine (short) version of the extremely popular Hw100 reduces weight and length, and improves handling at the slight expense of fewer shots per charge. The now firmly established and much loved Weihrauch Pre-charged air rifle, with superb reliability, great accuracy and power and plenty of great features. They may have taken their time to launch this gun but Weihrauch watched their competitors and produced an absolute winner. The uncomplicated design of the 14-shot magazine is easy to fill and load. The sidelever cocking action really works - quick, smooth and dare we say efficient. A feature we really like is the fact that you cannot double-load the gun, because if you have already cocked the rifle and cycled a pellet into the breach, a repeat action of the cocking lever does not index the magazine again. The floating Weihrauch barrel, with a collar fitted with an o-ring buffer to protect without restriction. Supplied with the Weihrauch half-inch thread silencer. Possibly the best mass produced silencer and will give most silencers costing far more a run for their money. Highly recommended. The NEW air cylinder now has an integral quickfill so there is no need to detach the cylinder to re-fill. And it still retains that ever-useful pressure gauge at the front of the bottle. A fill to 200bar should equip you for approx 50 shots. Overall we more than like this rifle. The functional looks give way to a very useable rifle with well thought out finishing touches, and the build quality you would expect from Weihrauch. Comes complete with instructions, two magazines, silencer and quick filling probe. Length 96cm 37.7inches. Weight 3.39kg 7.47lbs. Power Weihrauch have set the power of this rifle to approx 11.5ft lbs with H&N FT Trophy pellets.

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